Abandoned Derelict Derp Abandoned Derelict Derp Abandoned Derelict Derp Abandoned Derelict Derp Abandoned Derelict Derp

Welcome to my Abandoned and Derelict Website, It is a Photographic Journal I suppose, devoted to my entire photo collection of abandoned, derelict, derp, disused, redundant buildings and places that I have had the pleasure to visit which are mainly within the Lewes and Sussex Downs area.

I simply only wanted to know what was behind that door or fence and to share my views, photos, videos and history of the urban decay that is all around us. All photographs within this website are mine but the video screenshots and videos belong to a 3rd party shared video hosting website member unless otherwise stated.

"Tumbled are the towers, ruined the roofs and broken the barred gate, frost in the plaster, all the ceilings gape, torn and collapsed and eaten up by age." The Ruin, Anonymous, 8th-century A.D.

22nd Feb 2015
Police Garage Cottage Seed Merchants

Police Cottage : Uckfield

Now this grand old Cottage looking place in Uckfield took some doing and it took three flybys before Myself, Wife, Son In Law and Grandson finally found a legal and...

22nd Feb 2015
Plumpton Pit Stop

Pit Stop : Plumpton

The Plumpton Pit Stop was one of those oldie worldie quaint filling stations of yesteryear, It closed down in 2001 and is still in a remarkably good condition. Be careful...

22nd Feb 2015
Parker Pen Factory Newhaven

Parker Pen Factory : Newhaven

When I heard that the Parker Pen Factory was being demolished I knew I had to get there pronto before demolition was complete. In its heyday the Parker Pen Factory...

21st Feb 2015
Parklands Building Oracle Park

Parklands Building : Chertsey

This redundant and derelict office building block is Parklands within Oracle Park in Chertsey. On the same site there is a little one bedroom gatehouse of which I forgot to take...

17th Feb 2015
Quarry Chalk Pit Artex Ltd South Heighton Newhaven

Chalk Pit Quarry : Newhaven

Was not sure whether to include this chalk quarry mooch within this website, then I thought why not as it is relevant to the Artex Ltd factory that I had...

15th Feb 2015
Newhaven Marine Engineering Workshop

Marine Workshop : Newhaven

When I read in my local rag awhile ago, that this Grade II listed abandoned derelict building which was once the old Newhaven Marine Engineering Workshop, that it had been given demo permission...

15th Feb 2015
Artex Ltd Factory Newhaven

Artex Ltd Factory : Newhaven

We had our very first game of Cat and Mouse with Mr Secca at this Artex Ltd factory! Our first two visits were reconnaissance missions only, but by our third...

14th Feb 2015
St Peter’s Hospital Mortuary Morgue

St Peter’s Mortuary : Chertsey

Took us two attempts to find St Peter’s Hospital Mortuary but find it we did, and within seconds of us getting in and whilst I`m getting my camera out etc...

14th Feb 2015
Military Pillbox

Military Pillbox : Kingston

This Military Pillbox (296) on the Kingston Road near Lewes is very well hidden by shrubbery and has beautiful views of the chalk pits in the distance made by the...

14th Feb 2015
Disused Lime Kiln

Disused Lime Kiln : Plumpton

Was out and about having a ramble on the Foot of the Sussex Downs one Sunday afternoon working of my Roast Dinner and came across these abandoned derelict farm buildings...

13th Feb 2015
Lewes Protestant Martyrs Steps

Martyrs Steps : Lewes

I finally secured a “Supervised” look at the Protestant Martyrs Steps in this cellar after many years thinking about it because of my deep interest in the history of the...

13th Feb 2015
Keepers Cottage

Keepers Cottage : Plumpton

This Cottage is I think, Is an old Keepers Cottage, and it is located at the beginning of a track that leads to Hackman’s Farm in Plumpton, near Lewes Sussex....