18th Jun 2017

Abandoned Farm Buildings : Laughton

Abandoned Farm Buildings in Laughton some of which look like they had started to be converted before being left to rot. Farm Buildings England Abandoned Derelict Britain Uk Place Location...

22nd Feb 2017
Hodgsons Mill Workshop Robertsbridge

Hodgsons Mill Workshop : Robertsbridge

This is an old storage shed or workshop at the Hodgsons Mill site, also known as the Scat’s Mill in Robertsbridge, Sussex which closed in 1999. Click Here For Hodgson`s...

07th Jan 2017
Abandoned Barn Workshop Glynde

Abandoned Barn Workshop : Glynde

This derelict, Abandoned Barn in Glynde last served as a sawmill, storage building and a workshop. It is now in a very poor state and in a very imminent danger...

04th Jan 2017

Abandoned Battery Chicken Shed : Clayhill

I believe these four wooden buildings were originally Battery Chicken sheds, three of which are in various states of collapse. The fourth one is still in use as a wood...

03rd Jan 2017

New Mill Windmill : Cross In Hand

This derelict windmill at Cross-In-Hand, near Heathfield, was built in Framfield in 1806 before being moved twice, first in 1855 and again to its present location in 1868. It is...

09th Nov 2016
Hodgsons Mill Robertsbridge Hodsons Scats

Hodgsons Mill : Robertsbridge

This is Hodgsons Mill also known as Scat’s Mill in Robertsbridge, Sussex which closed in 1999. See the Hodgsons Mill Workshop Photos Here Video shared by Darren Shepherd. Hodgsons Mill...

07th Sep 2016
Abandoned Derelict Farm Barn

Derelict Farm Barns : Sussex

A collection of Abandoned and Derelict Farm Barns and buildings. Urbex Urban Decay Exploration UE Redundant Disused Derp Farm Barn Scene, Scenes, Image, Images, Photograph, Photographs : Lewes Based Photographer...

03rd Aug 2016

Sturford Mead Farm : Dorset

Abandoned and Derelict Sturford Mead Farm. Just a pile of junk really in some old cattle shed buildings. Just one of those locations spotted whilst on a road trip of...

01st Jun 2016
Dilapidated Derelict Farm Barn Workshop

Derelict Barn : Cooksbridge

This is a well derelict farm barn or workshop in Cooksbridge near Lewes Sussex that I came across recently. Access was a problem though as I was worried about the...

30th Mar 2016
Balcombe Chalk Pit Glynde Sussex

Chalk Pit : Glynde

I had a lovely walk recently within the old Balcombe Chalk Pit in Glynde, Sussex which is amongst the South Downs National Park. The old building pictured is where the...

27th Mar 2016
Urbex Abandoned Farm Machinery

Abandoned Machinery : Laughton

I came across these old abandoned farming implements, machines and other derp in Laughton during a Sunday drive on Good Friday in the countryside near Lewes Sussex. You can’t beat lovely old machines covered in...

17th Oct 2015
Dilapidated Farm Barn Workshop

Dilapidated Barn : Rodmell

Only a wee post this one but it took me and my Grandson several hits on google maps and two flybys to find it, but behind a wooden gate on...