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Welcome to my Abandoned and Derelict Website, It is a Photographic Journal I suppose, devoted to my entire photo collection of abandoned, derelict, derp, disused, redundant buildings and places that I have had the pleasure to visit which are mainly within the Lewes and Sussex Downs area.

I simply only wanted to know what was behind that door or fence and to share my views, photos, videos and history of the urban decay that is all around us. All photographs within this website are mine but the video screenshots and videos belong to a 3rd party shared video hosting website member unless otherwise stated.

"Tumbled are the towers, ruined the roofs and broken the barred gate, frost in the plaster, all the ceilings gape, torn and collapsed and eaten up by age." The Ruin, Anonymous, 8th-century A.D.

13th Feb 2015
WW2 Acers Army Camp

WW2 Army Camp : Isfield

I have looked everywhere on the internet to find out about the exact history of this Abandoned and Derelict Isfield Army Camp from World War Two WW2 without much success, I...

13th Feb 2015
Horsebridge Flour Mill

Flour Mill : Horsebridge

This Grade Two Listed old flour mill was built circa 1900, but its history is sketchy, there was a fire between 1908 and 1910, when the mill was rebuilt as...

13th Feb 2015
HMS Forward Secret Tunnels

HMS Forward : Newhaven

Had known about these secret WW2 HMS Forward tunnels in Newhaven for years, ever since I explored the Newhaven Fort complex 35 yrs ago and long before it was commercialised...

12th Feb 2015
Hellingly Hospital Asylum

Mental Asylum : Hellingly

Not much for me to say really that has not already been said before about Hellingly Hospital as it has been well documented elsewhere over the years, except maybe to...

11th Feb 2015
Pub Harbourside Inn

Harbourside Inn : Newhaven

Can`t find much info on this Pub but this abandoned and derelict building was once The Harbourside Inn situated in Newhaven, formerly known as The Sheffield Hotel. Built in 1891...

11th Feb 2015
Steelworks Graham Wood Factory

Steelworks Factory : Lancing

This redundant building in Lancing is the old Graham Wood factory which went bust in February 2014, it was a heavy steelworks structural contractor. Think RSJs, Girders etc. Not a...

11th Feb 2015
God `s Waiting Room

God’s Waiting Room : Ringmer

This is another deliberately abandoned building which was once a God`s Waiting Room, old folks care home in Ringmer near Lewes, Sussex. It has fallen to Government cut backs and...

10th Feb 2015
Abandoned Garage Workshop

Abandoned Workshop : Glynde

This workshop was a building that I had been meaning to explore for awhile but I was waiting for a sunny day to explore what is left of a Garage,...

08th Feb 2015
Milking Shed Glynde

Cow Milking Shed : Glynde

These snaps are of a abandoned and derelict farm buildings and a cattle barn in Glynde near Lewes, It looks like it was once a cow milking shed which also had...

07th Feb 2015
Gasometer Kemp Town Black Rock Brighton

Gasometer : Brighton

Off to Kemp Town in Brighton I went one evening and I was happy as a Samboy mooching around this redundant gasometer. I have always been fascinated by these Gasometers...

05th Feb 2015
Disused Farm Buildings

Farm Buildings : Cooksbridge

I drive past these disused and derelict farm buildings in Cooksbridge near Lewes Sussex at least six times a week, but I never had my camera with me. So I...

04th Feb 2015
Disused TEC Telephone Exchange Centre

TEC Centre : Eastbourne

Not gripping stuff this one I,m afraid. But we decided to pop into this disused and redundant building. Which was once the Eastbourne TEC BT Telephone Exchange Centre, whilst on...