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Welcome to my Abandoned and Derelict Website, It is a Photographic Journal I suppose, devoted to my entire photo collection of abandoned, derelict, derp, disused, redundant buildings and places that I have had the pleasure to visit which are mainly within the Lewes and Sussex Downs area.

I simply only wanted to know what was behind that door or fence and to share my views, photos, videos and history of the urban decay that is all around us. All photographs within this website are mine but the video screenshots and videos belong to a 3rd party shared video hosting website member unless otherwise stated.

"Tumbled are the towers, ruined the roofs and broken the barred gate, frost in the plaster, all the ceilings gape, torn and collapsed and eaten up by age." The Ruin, Anonymous, 8th-century A.D.

14th Sep 2016
Abandoned Probate Wallpaper Bungalow Sussex

Abandoned Bungalow : Hailsham

This is an abandoned probate bungalow in Sussex and has been for at least two years by my guess. I was gobsmacked with what I saw in there and I...

12th Sep 2016
Meads Working Mens Social Club Sussex

Meads Club : Eastbourne

This is the derelict Meads Club which was established in 1891 and has had many problems over the years. It was a kind of working men’s community club. The Meads...

11th Sep 2016
Abandoned Derelict Psychiatric Hospital Unit Sussex

Psychiatric Hospital : Bexhill

This was a low secure Psychiatric hospital for patients with mental health problems including those being detained under the Mental Health Act. Initially we thought that the building was a...

10th Sep 2016
Abandoned Derelict Brickworks Sussex

Brickworks : Chailey

Brickworks site in Sussex that has been a long time abandoned and derelict. This brickworks site was last used for metalworking, heavy vehicle maintenance, skips, farm machinery storage and possibly...

07th Sep 2016
Abandoned Derelict Farm Barn

Derelict Farm Barns : Sussex

A collection of Abandoned and Derelict Farm Barns and buildings. Urbex Urban Decay Exploration UE Redundant Disused Derp Farm Barn Scene, Scenes, Image, Images, Photograph, Photographs : Lewes Based Photographer...

28th Aug 2016
Gbm Uk Demolition Abandoned Derelict Lewes Magistrates Court Urbex

Gbm Uk Demolition : Lewes

This is the Gbm Uk Demolition Company demolishing the abandoned and derelict Lewes Magistrates Court during the Summer of 2015. In its place now is the Lewes Premier Inn which...

24th Aug 2016

Dairy Crest Milk : Worthing

Dairy Crest Limited Building : This is the abandoned Dairy Crest Limited milk Distribution Centre in Worthing. That is all I know! Nothing much inside the building but there are...

22nd Aug 2016
Burnt Out House Urbex Urban Exploring Arson Attack

Burnt Out House : Lancing

Burnt out house in Lancing Sussex and a first time burnt out explore for me. It was last used as some sort of a halfway house or emergency housing and...

03rd Aug 2016
Telephone Box Tyneham Ghost Village

Ghost Village : Tyneham

Tyneham Ghost Village in Dorset. Tyneham is Dorset’s famous lost village. In November 1943 notice was given to the villagers that they would be required to leave within 28 days...

03rd Aug 2016

Sturford Mead Farm : Dorset

Abandoned and Derelict Sturford Mead Farm. Just a pile of junk really in some old cattle shed buildings. Just one of those locations spotted whilst on a road trip of...

03rd Aug 2016
Holt Tannery Leather Glove Factory Boiler House

Holt Boiler House : Dorset

An Abandoned and Derelict Tannery Boiler House with a four sided chimney in Holt. At least that is what I think it is. This Old Tannery site in Holt was...

18th Jun 2016
St Dunstan In The East Church London Urbex Derelict

Derelict Church : London

This derelict church is the remains of the St Dunstan In The East Church in Eastcheap London. It was severely damaged in the Great Fire of London in 1666. Then...