Welcome to the Abandoned and Derelict Website, It is a Photography Journal I suppose, devoted to my photo collection of abandoned, derelict, derp, disused, redundant buildings and places mainly within the Lewes and Sussex area. I simply only wanted to know what was behind that door or fence and share my views, photos, videos and history of the urban decay that is all around us.

All photographs and videos within this website are mine unless otherwise stated. There are some video screenshots and videos that belong to other 3rd party shared video hosting website members.

Urban Exploration

I was introduced to Urban Exploration/Exploring (Urbex, UE) within Britain in the UK by my Son in Law and Grandson. It turned out to be a great hobby that involved exploring abandoned, derelict, disused buildings and places and recording their decay and their final chapters in their life by myself taking photographs before they got demolished or converted.

This was something that I chose to do and if you choose to follow suit, please be aware that most of these redundant buildings, places or the land that they sit on is private property and they are often patrolled by security. So do your homework!

Also, Many of the sites on this website are now very well secured (Posthumously!) and in a very dangerous condition. So please do not come crying to me if you get nicked by the police, security or if you hurt yourself. You have been warned!

Abandoned Derelict Derp Urban Decay Explorer Building Place Lewes Sussex

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