Welcome to the Abandoned and Derelict Website, It is a Photography Journal I suppose, devoted to my photo collection of abandoned, derelict, derp, disused, redundant buildings and places mainly within the Lewes and Sussex area. I simply only want to know what is behind that door or fence and share my views, photos, videos and history of the urban decay that is all around us.

I am a member of all the main “Adult” UK Urbex Urban Exploration Exploring forums out there which are are all excellent friendly sites, where there are masses of information and photos on all things Urban Exploring and Urbex. And the majority of us only want to know, what is behind that door or fence and to be able to share our snaps, thoughts and videos.

All photographs and videos within this website are mine unless otherwise stated. There are some video screenshots and videos that belong to other 3rd party shared video hosting website members.

Urban Exploration

I was introduced to Urban Exploration/Exploring (Urbex, UE) within Britain in the UK by my Son in Law and Grandson. It is has turned out to be a great hobby that involves exploring abandoned, derelict, disused buildings and places and recording their decay and their final chapters in their life by me taking photographs before they get demolished or converted.

This is something that I have chosen to do and if you choose to follow suit, please be aware that most of these redundant buildings, places or the land that they sit on is private property and they are often patrolled by security. So do your homework!

Also, Many of the sites on this website are now very well secured (Posthumously!) and in a very dangerous condition. So please do not come crying to me if you get nicked by the police, security or if you hurt yourself. You have been warned!

Abandoned Derelict Derp Urban Decay Explorer Building Place Lewes Sussex

Physical Exercise

Apart from anything else, All of these abandoned, derelict, disused places that I have visited has given me an excellent couple of hours worth of physical exercise across the whole body – balancing, clambering, climbing, mountaineering, potholing, walking and yoga.

Just perfect for an asthmatic heavy smoking, profoundly deaf 58yr old grumpy pops with a knackered back, neck, shoulder and osteoarthritis in the hips! “Use it or Lose it” the quack said to me. Tis more fun than the cycle machine, physiotherapy or swimming I can assure you, But it still f…..g hurts Lol.

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  • Hi,
    Your description sounds exactly like me, I want to get into this, I am a good amateur photographer in need of exercise, some of the sites you list are nearby and I am very keen to get started, I may have missed it but are all the reports recent ??
    Any suggestions where to start would be appreciated but I am going to start at Broadbridge Lane in Smallfield today and see what I can find……


    • I have a renewed passion for photography but I had problems with finding a DSLR and Lens to reflect what I was seeing but I have now got my perfect setup that fits me like a glove now. All but three or four of my posts are still doable as far as I know and are no older than a year old. Cant suggest locations, Its all about personal taste but can suggest that you have a low light capability camera. Look through my posts and see what takes your fancy and I will help you out. Whats in Broadbridge Lane?

      Sad Sack

      • I see your question was almost a year ago…
        But I think he is referring to Bridgeham Grange, an abandoned large house with swimming pool, tennis court and old greenhouse.

  • Good evening,

    I’ve been researching derelict buildings in East Sussex for my partner as she has been looking for some locations to shoot pics for her dance portfolio. I’d not had much luck and then I came across your site – you’ve got some really nice pics by the way. Anyway, like Andy above I was hoping you might be able to suggest some locations? The Observer building in Hastings (where we live) was our first choice but it’s locked up fairly tight these days and the owners won’t allow any access (we asked). So basically industrial looking locations, preferably with graffiti although not essential would be perfect. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance buddy.

    – Ads

    • Try the Preston Barracks in Brighton. Loads of Graffiti there or the old pump house in Eastbourne.

  • Can I use one of your images of the UTC-Harbourside for a column I write in the Latest 7 magazine which is a free magazine around Brighton?

    Many thanks, Caroline

  • I am living in the Cayman Islands now but I have always been fascinated with disused places, having been homeless for a little while back in the 80s – especially old ww2 bunkers – one of which was my home for a little while.

    • Thanks for the info and I have edited your post so as not all and sundry can see your message. I will let you know how I get on.

  • Thanks for all the info here, I have been exploring for a couple of years now as you say brilliant for exercise, my kids can’t believe the clambering I will do to get into a place! I am hooked, have you ever thought of getting small groups together to explore. I am a single mum and so it is difficult to explore some places on my own, safety etc. I am in Hampshire and do have a couple of places for you if you are interested.

    • Hi There and thanks. I usually explore with my Grandson or Son in Law for safety reasons and cannot see why we could not form a small group every now and again.

  • hi im interesting with exploring few abandoned places but i have no idea which place i can visit and i dont know is it legal etc. i wish i would ask you few questions on DM.

  • Hello all,
    Me & my boyfriend are deeply into abounded buildings & were trying to find a couple of places near or around Chichester, West Sussex. Unfortunately graylingwell asylum has been torn down & been made into flats & an eastate although the church is still there but it boarded up & has 24/7 security. I would greatly appreciate any help. Many thanks

    • Chichester is not on my patch I`m afraid for abounded buildings. But I`m sure if you are deeply into abounded buildings you will find something in your area snuggled up together in bed whilst surfing your eyepad.

  • Hi, my two nephews are really interested in creepy old buildings so I wondered if there were any asylums, old psychiatric hospitals / morgues / or anything creepy in Sussex/Kent/Surrey that haven’t been knocked down like Hellingly and aren’t too hard to find? Any tips much appreciated! Mike.

  • Hi – amazing blog, I appreciate that you can’t disclose addresses etc… however, I’m travelling to Robertsbridge from Lewes on Friday for a trip out with the camera, and I’ve tried to find the location of Scat/Hodgsons Mill on the Google, but have failed, would you have any handy hints to help me narrow down the location, which side of town, is it near a specific road? Any hints however cryptic would be greatly appreciated. All the best,

  • I have a rather interesting 6 sided brass plaque from No 8AAP RAF Lympne which I could send you a photo for uploading.

    I’m ex-RAF as was my late father from whom I inherited this plaque which shows the Navel watches (Bells times) and the 24 hour clock.

  • Good evening I have to say what an inspiration you are its amazing I live in Hastings and for weeks I have been trying to find spooky strange places but have had no success can you give me any pointers please any help would be so.amazing thabk you

  • Hello

    Great stuff.

    You ever tried to get into Hamilton Palace just outside Uckfield. Its the abandoned Hoogstraten Place.

    • Nope : I would be bored as f£$k in that easy as f*&k place to get into as it only contains concrete, scaffold poles and overweight pretend hard nuts with black Range Rovers and Sawn Offs!

  • Hi there, I came across your site while researching photographers who document abandoned industry. I am a mature student at college studying photography and have chosen the subject in my local area Lanarkshire/West Lothian to do as a project for an exam. We have to include research and include a couple of shots from photographers working in this field. Would it be okay to include a couple of your images please? We have to reference the photographer and give credit to them for their work.

    I have to produce a dozen images and there are numerous sites within a 20 mile radius. Not sure whether I can get access to all of them of course. I would be interested in your thoughts and any advice you can give me.

    Regards, Rodger

    • You can use some photos for your work but you will have to copy them yourself, as for advice “Be careful and dont get caught” Please show me your work if you can when finished.

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