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Welcome to my Abandoned and Derelict Website, It is a Photographic Journal I suppose, devoted to my entire photo collection of abandoned, derelict, derp, disused, redundant buildings and places that I have had the pleasure to visit which are mainly within the Lewes and Sussex Downs area.

I simply only wanted to know what was behind that door or fence and to share my views, photos, videos and history of the urban decay that is all around us. All photographs within this website are mine but the video screenshots and videos belong to a 3rd party shared video hosting website member unless otherwise stated.

"Tumbled are the towers, ruined the roofs and broken the barred gate, frost in the plaster, all the ceilings gape, torn and collapsed and eaten up by age." The Ruin, Anonymous, 8th-century A.D.

30th Apr 2015
Condemned Bungalow Sussex Downs National Park

Condemned Bungalow : Glynde

This is an abandoned, derelict, and condemned bungalow near Lewes within the Sussex Downs National Park. It was very damp with mould growing everywhere on the walls and most of...

26th Apr 2015
Redundant Unused Farm Buildings Selmeston

Unused Farm : Selmeston

Redundant and unused farm buildings in Selmeston, Sussex. Not strictly true but only a couple of the buildings are still in use, which is hay bale and farm tractor machinery...

26th Apr 2015
Tumbled Down Barn Derelict Farm Selmeston

Collapsed Barn : Selmeston

This is a tumbled down barn on a small derelict and redundant farm in Selmeston Sussex. Looks like it was three buildings originally with a low wall surrounding the site....

26th Apr 2015
Unfinished House Building Project Wilmington

Unfinished House : Selmeston

An unfinished house that has been abandoned. A failed building project for reasons unknown to me in Wilmington, Sussex. What a total waste of money! Visited with my Granddaughter and...

24th Apr 2015
Shep Plastics Factory

Shep Plastics : Hailsham

This is the former Shep Plastics Ltd Factory in Hailsham near the Upper Dicker. I have to say that there was bugger all in there apart from a few bus...

13th Apr 2015
Belmont Care Home Nursery Lighthouse Eastbourne

Care Home : Eastbourne

This is the former Belmont Care Home in Eastbourne which had 91 beds, of which only 44 were occupied when it closed in 2007, The integrated Lighthouse Nursery closed as...

01st Apr 2015
Preston Barracks Brighton Army Napoleon Military

Preston Barracks : Brighton

This is Preston Barracks in Brighton (Not Fulwood Barracks in Preston) : In 1793, fearing Napoleon may invade England and take the shortest route to London by landing his troops near...

29th Mar 2015
Water Reservoir Tank Plumpton South Downs Sussex National Park

Water Reservoir : Plumpton

This was a strange explore as originally we were looking for a firing range in Plumpton (See My Previous Post) but instead we came across this disused water reservoir and...

23rd Mar 2015
Armoury Rifle Shooting Range Target Plumpton Sussex Downs

Shooting Range : Plumpton

This is an old armoury and rifle shooting range in Plumpton on the Sussex Downs and the story goes a bit like this, I drive past this little brick building...

21st Mar 2015
Hoarders Garage Workshop Urbex Derp Abandoned Derelict

Hoarders Garage : Kingston

This Hoarders garage workshop was a real stealthy and ninja operation as we had live houses either side of us and occupied horse stables opposite (See First Pic) And for...

08th Mar 2015
Derp Abandoned Derelict

Other Abandoned Derp : International

Random abandoned derp and derelict buildings, objects and places that do not fit in anywhere else.  This photo collection covers a wide spectrum of subjects, ranging from xmas trees, pigs...

06th Mar 2015
Derp Abandoned Derelict Rusty Farm Buildings

Derp Rusty Farm : Halland

Had driven past this derp abandoned farm several times in the last few months or so and thought it might be worth a peep. So one sunny day whilst taking...