Cocking Lime Works Factory : Sussex

The Cocking Lime Works Factory was last used by the Dudman Group of Companies in 1999, when all work ceased at both of their Cocking sites, Since then this abandoned Cocking Lime Works factory has just been left to rot and mature into a very beautiful, derelict and photogenic site that it is now. Click Here for Cocking Lime Works Chalk Quarry Images.

Cocking Lime Works Sussex

Video shared by Inremtech.

Cocking Lime Works Sussex Scene Scenes Image Images Photograph Photographs Photography Lewes Based Photographer In Sussex South Downs National Park Photography by Nikon Camera

4 Responses to “Cocking Lime Works Factory : Sussex

  • Tis a nice place for photos this, do you know if the old excavators are still in the quarry up the hill?

  • Is this place easily accessible? I was thinking of wandering up here with a friend to do some photography, but i don’t know if there are any restrictions.
    (I was planning on doing some night photography).

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