30th Mar 2017
Rolling Stock Railway Sussex

Rolling Stock : Sussex

Rolling Stock in Sussex. I have no idea what any of it is I,m afraid. Rolling Stock England Abandoned Derelict Britain Uk Place Location Shoot Video Urbex Urban Exploration UE...

26th Apr 2016

Ferry Terminal : Newhaven

This abandoned and derelict Ferry Port Terminal and Train station is in Newhaven, Sussex. The train station opened in 1886 and the Ferry Terminal opened in 1984. The station is still...

12th Jul 2015
Steam Engine Locomotive Train Graveyard Scrapyard Havana Cuba

Train Graveyard Havana : Cuba

This is a Steam Engine Graveyard in Havana (La Habana) Cuba. Not much evidence of Scrapyard work on any of the Locomotive or Train Derp there. I seem to think...

28th Jun 2015
Trinidad Railway Train Station Cuba Steam Engine Locomotive

Trinidad Steam Engines : Cuba

The first of my urbexy type of missions whilst we were on Holiday was the Trinidad Railway Train Station in Cuba, and there is a nice collection of Steam Engine...

26th Feb 2015
Locomotive Workshop Newhaven

Loco Workshop : Newhaven

This Locomotive workshop is next door to the infamous Marine Engineering Workshop (See Here) and when I read in my local rag awhile ago, that this Grade II listed abandoned...

25th Feb 2015
Newhaven Railway Club

Railway Club : Newhaven

Discovered this little railway club whilst on a reconnaissance elsewhere, It was cold, dark and pouring down with rain. And it was pouring into the building through the roof and...

13th Feb 2015
WW2 Acers Army Camp

WW2 Army Camp : Isfield

I have looked everywhere on the internet to find out about the exact history of this Abandoned and Derelict Isfield Army Camp from World War Two WW2 without much success, I...

23rd Nov 2014
Grove Railway Tunnel Tunbridge Wells Abandoned Derelict Building Urbex Urban Decay Exploration UE Redundant

Railway Tunnel : T-Wells

The Grove Railway Tunnel lies under the southern edge of the spa town of Royal Tunbridge Wells in Kent. It is a 183 yard, single bore tunnel, driven through Grove...